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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) VT-185 - Kenwood TMI / Texio Electronic Voltmeter 2-Channel

Kenwood TMI / Texio   Electronic Voltmeter 2-Channel

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

Category : Audio / Video Equipment

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Quality Discontinued Clearance Product

Kenwood TMI / Texio VT-185: The VT-185 (1mV full scale) and VT-186 (300 µV full scale) are 2-channel models with two attenuators‚ which can be used in either independent or interconnected operation‚ making for easy independent voltage measurements and voltage comparisons. The VT-187 has performance identical to the VT-186 except that its attenuators can be switched from a remote controller (optional). Each member of the VT Series lineup has specific features setting it apart from the other models‚ allowing you to select the exact voltmeter to match your needs.

  • The VT-185 is a high-sensitivity, 2-channel electronic voltmeter using a 2-pointer meter.
  • The measuring range is between 1µV and 300V f.s. (2 CHs), the frequency response is between 5Hz and 1 MHz and the input impedance is 10MΩ at 45 pF.
  • It can be used as 2 sets of electronic voltmeters as well as a broad-band preamplifier.

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