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GW Instek GPI-825 - AC VA Withstand Voltage/Insulation Tester

  AC VA Withstand Voltage/Insulation Tester

GW Instek

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Category : Safety / Testing / Compliance Instr.

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Instek GPI-825: 100VA AC Output - True RMS Current Readback - 3 Ranges of Adjustable Cut Off Current - Digital Display for Voltage, Current and Timer at Same Time - Zero Turn-On Operating Switch (for GPT-805, GPT-815, GPI-825) - Automatic FAIL Indicator of Alarm Lamp and Buzzer - 9 Pin Remote Control for START, RESET - General Input Power Acceptable - Voltage Output Adjustable During Test Period - Arc Detection - Easy Operation

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product
  • 500VA AC output
  • True RMS Current read-back
  • Arc Detection
  • Easy Operation
  • 3 ranges of adjustable cut-off current
  • Digital display for voltage, current and timer at same time
  • Zero Crossing Turn-On (for GPT-805/815, GPI-825)
  • Automatic FAIL indicator of alarm lamp and buzzer
  • 9 Pin PLC Control for Start, Stop and Test Result Output
  • General input power acceptable
  • Voltage output adjustable during test period

ACW Test

AC Output Voltage 0.2kV ~ 5kV
V Regulation 15%
V Accuracy ±(3%rdg 3counts)
Trip Current 0.3 ~ 100mA ; 0.3 ~ 20mA (GPI-826)
Current Accuracy ±(5%rdg 2counts)

IR Test

Output Voltage DC 500V / 1000V
Resistance 1~2000M
Resistance Accuracy 1~500M (5% rdg 2counts) 501M ~2000M : (10% rdg 2counts)


Test Time 1 ~ 180 seconds or continual
Arc Detection 0.3 ~ 100mA
0.3 ~ 20mA (GPI-826)
Digital Display V, A, Time
Voltage & Current : 3 1/2 digits, 0.39" LED
Timer : 3 digits 0.39" LED

Power Source

AC 115V 10%, AC 230V 10%, 50/60 Hz(factory setting)

Dimension & Weight

330(W) x 149(H) x 446 (D) mm, Approx. 20kg

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  AC VA Withstand Voltage/Insulation Tester

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