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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) CS-5355 - 50MHz 3-Channel Oscilloscope

 50MHz 3-Channel Oscilloscope

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

Category : Oscilloscopes

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Quality Discontinued Clearance Product


  • Programmable fanction
  • Parameter Auto Measurement Function
  • Auto Setup Function
  • Cursor Measurement Function
  • High-Sensitivity Design with Vertical Axis of 1 mV/div
  • Automaticv Sync (FIX) Function
  • Easy Operation Panel Layout
  • Delayed sweep with waveform partial magnification capability
  • High-Accuracy ± 2% Design for More Precision Measurement
  • Square-Type 150 mm CRT with Self-Illuminated Light and Inside Scale (17kV)
  • Single sweep for observations of single-shot channel
  • Variable hold-off allowing observation of waveforms with complicated cycle
  • High-Accuracy Calibration Signals
  • CH1 signal output connector
  • Wide Dynamic Range and Distortion-Free Accurate Waveform Display


Parameter Auto Measurement Function
It is possible to measure the voltage, frequency and period automatically just input the signal.
Especially for voltage measurement, measurement mode is automatically selected according to
the input selector. For example, when the AC input is selected, Peak-to-Peak voltage is
automatically measured, and when the DC input is selected, DC voltage is measured

Auto Setup Function
By pressing the AUTO SET key, the voltage range and time range are selected automatically.

Cursor Measurement Function
The cursor measurement function allows a high accuracy measurement of signal values.
When the probes are used, its attenuation ratio can be converted automatically. It is also
possible to measure the voltage value and phase differences. When the delay sweep is used,
the delay time is also displayed, enabling an accurate measurement results without any errors
due to visual checks in conventional systems.


3-Channel 8-Trace Waveform Display (CS-5370P, 2 channel)
CS-5300 series enable the display of CH3 input in addition to CH1 and CH2. These three input
signals to CH1, CH2 and CH3 can be displayed at the same time as the main (A) sweep
waveform. Furthermore, an alternated delay sweep function displayed as the delayed (B) sweep
waveforms of each signal.

High-Sensitivity Design with Vertical Axis of 1 mV/div
The vertical axis sensitivity can be varied continuously from 1 mV/div. to 5 V/div. using the 1-2-5
step attenuator. The 1 mV/div. position is very useful to measure low-level and complicated
signals. (Frequency response at 1 mV/div. and 2mV/div are DC to 20 MHz (-3 dB)).

Automaticv Sync (FIX) Function
With this function, the synchronization level is automatically controlled by tracking the amplitude
of the waveform to maintain the sync lock status. This function eliminates annoying and
complicated synchronization operations.

Ease Operate Panel Layout
The CS-5370P, CS-5370 and CS-5350 used touch switches and LEDs. The CS-5375 and CS-5355
used push switches and lever switches for easy operation.

Delayed Sweep with Waveform Partial Magnification Capability
The main (A) sweep waveform in which the magnified section is brightened by intensity modulation
and the delayed (B) sweep waveform which shows only the magnified section can be observed
simultaneously. This is a real alternate delayed sweep.

V Mode Sync for Stable Display of 3 Signals (2 Signals of CH1 and CH2 for CS-5370P)
Even when the CH1, CH2 and CH3 input signal frequencies are different, each signal can be
synchronized securely and its waveform can be displayed stably.

High-Accuracy ± 2% Design for More Precision Measurement
In order to obtain highly reliable measurement results, the vertical axis sensitivity and sweep time
for the main circuit is maintained within ± 2% precision. Other specifications also guarantees the
rated values (under temperature conditions of 10 to 30°C, humidity of 85% or less).

Maximum Sweep Rate of 5 ns/div (x10 MAG)
The sweep rate can be varied continually from 0.5 s/div to 50 ns/div. The signal delay line is
installed so that the positive rise of high-speed signals and high-frequency signals can be
measured accurately.

Built in Video Clamp Circuit for Easy Operation
Built in Video Clamp function which enables observation of the flame and line TV signals at the
touch of a button, while high-stability synchronization is obtained without performing annoying
synchronizing operations.

Square-Type 150 mm CRT with Self-Illuminated Light and Inside Scale
(12 kV) (17kV for CS-5370P)

A large-sized, square, dome-mesh type CRT with rear accelerator is employed. It features both
high intensity and high resolution while providing accurate measurements without parallax view.
The auto focus circuit is also incorporated to display sharp waveforms at all times.

Single Sweep for Observations of Single-Shot Channel
The single sweep function is powerful in measurement of single-shot or sudden channel.
Waveform photography using a camera is as easy as ordinary, visual observations. It is easy not
only for observations during normal visual inspections but also for camera shots of the waveforms.

Variable Hold-Off Allowing Observation of Waveforms with Complicated Cycle
Signals which are hard to be synchronized due to complicated repetition cycles, for example
digital signals and video signal bursts, can be synchronized stably by converting them into the
hold-off time.

High-Accuracy Calibration Signals
A calibration signal output is provided to output the highly accurate frequency of ± 0.1%
(CS-5370P / CS-5370 / CS-5350) and voltage accuracy of ± 1%, enabling checking of the
measurement precision at any required time.

CH1 Signal Output Connector
The CH1 signal output is obtained by branching the input signal in the middle of the signal line.
As this connector outputs the input signal at a rate of 50 mV/div, connecting a frequency counter
makes it possible to measure the frequency of a very low signal while observing its waveform.

Wide Dynamic Range and Distortion-Free Accurate Waveform Display
Its wide dynamic range having greater margins assures the linearity of the waveforms displayed
on the CRT, providing highly accurate waveform displays without any distortion up to the upper
frequency limits.


  • All position knobs and controls are provided on the front panel.
  • A High-sensitivity X-Y function is convenient for the
    measurement of phase differences between two input signals.
  • A Trace Rotation function allows an easy correction of the
    inclination of the trace line due to earth magnetism.
  • LINE Synchronization is provided.
  • A Trace Separation function shifts the B sweep waveform
    upward or downward by 4 div. from A sweep waveform.
  • The waveform to which the brightness modulation is applied
    can also be observed.
  • Added or extracted waveforms using ADD and CH2 INV
    functions can also be observed.
  • Scale illumination convenient for taking photographs or
    observation in dark areas is provided.
  • CRT scale also provides 0, 10, 90 and 100% indications;
    convenient for measurement of rising time, etc.
  • A 10-times sweep waveform magnification function (X10 MAG)
    is provided.


Type 150 mm rectangular with iinternal graticule 8 × 10 div. (1 div.=10mm)
Accelerating Voltage approx. 17 kV
Vertical Axis (CH1, CH2)
Sensitivity 5 mV to 5 V/div. ± 2%, 1 mV, 2 mV/div. ± 5%, 1-2-5 step, 12 ranges, fine adjustable within the selected range
Input Impedance 1 MΩ ± 1%, approx. 20 pF
Frequency Response
5 mV to 5 V/div. DC: DC to 100 MHz (within -3 dB)
AC: 5 Hz to 100 MHz (within -3 dB)
1 mV, 2 mV/div. DC: DC to 20 MHz (within -3 dB)
AC: 5 Hz to 20 MHz (within -3 dB)
Rising Time 5 mV to 5 V/div.: approx. 3.5 ns
1 mV, 2 mV/div.: approx. 17.5 ns
Signal Delay Time Leading edge can be confirmed using a square wave that has a rising time of less than this unit
Crosstalk -40 dB (at 1 kHz)
Max. Input Voltage 800 Vp-p or 400 V (DC AC peak, 1 kHz)
Vertical Axis
Operation Mode CH1, CH2, ADD, ALT, CHOP
Chopping Frequency Approx. 250 kHz
Polarity Inversion CH2 only
Horizontal (CH2 Input)
Sensitivity 5 mV to 5 V/div. ± 3%, 1 mV, 2 mV/div. ± 5%, 1-2-5 step, 12 ranges, fine adjustable within the selected range
Input Impedance Same as vertical axis (CH2)
Frequency Response DC: DC to 1 MHz ( -3 dB)
AC: 5 Hz to 1 MHz ( -3 dB)
X-Y Phase Difference Less than 3° at 100 kHz
Operation Mode Switchable to X-Y mode with H.MODE key CH1: Y axis, CH2: X axis
Max. Input Voltage Same as vertical axis (CH2)
Sweep Mode A, ALT, B, X-Y
Sweep Time
A Sweep 0.5 s to 50 ns/div. ± 2%, 1-2-5 step
22 ranges, fine adjustable within the selected range
B Sweep 50 ms to 50 ns/div. ± 2%, 1-2-5 step
19 ranges
Sweep Magnification × 10 ± 5%, (± 8% at 0.5 µs/div. )
Linearity ± 3% (± 5% at × 10 MAG mode)
Hold Off A Sweep, continuously variable from NORM position
Trace Separation B Sweep is continuously variable ± 4 div. with respect to A sweep.
Delay Sweep Mode Continuous delay (After Delay), Synchronous delay (B TRIG''D): Synchronized with trigger signal
Delay Time Continuously variable from 0.2 div. to 10 div. (0.5s/div. to 50ns/div.)
Delay Time Error ± (3% of setting value 1% of full scale) (0 to 300 ns)
Delay Jitter 20000 (10 times of A Sweep setting value) : 1 (at A Sweep 1 ms/div, B Sweep 1 µs/div)
Triggering Mode
Trigger Sources VERT, CH1, CH2, LINE
Trigger Coupling AC, HF-REJ, DC, TV-F, TV-L
Trigger Sensitivity (NORM MODE)
Coupling Frequency NORM FIX*
AC 10Hz to 50MHz 1.0 div 1.5 div
50MHz to 100MHz 1.5 div 2.0 div
HF-REJ 10Hz to 10kHz 1.0 div 1.5 div
10 kHz or more > min > min
DC DC to 50MHz 1.0 div 1.5 div
50MHz to 100MHz 1.5 div 2.0 div
TV-F, TV-L Composite video signal 1.5 div  
(Above values are obtained with the signal input of: AUTO: 40 Hz or more, FIX: 50 Hz or more Internal sensitivity indicated as the amplitude on the CRT. Sensitivity in HF-Rej mode >min denotes the amplitude required for synchronization will increase.)
Calibration Signal
Waveform Square wave
Polarity Positive
Amplitude 1 Vp-p ± 1%
Frequency 1 kHz ± 0.1%
Intensity Modulation
Input Voltage Dims at TTL high level ( 5V)
Input Impedance Approx. 10 kΩ
Frequency Response DC to 5 MHz
Max. Input Voltage 84 Vp-p or 42 V (DC AC peak, 1 kHz)
CH1 Signal Output(50Ω Load)
Output Voltage Approx. 50 mVp-p/div
Output Impedance Approx. 50Ω
Frequency Response
5 mV to 5 V/div. 100 Hz to 100 MHz (-3 dB)
1 mV, 2 mV/div. 100 Hz to 20 MHz (-3 dB)
Trace Rotation Enables trace rotation adjustment by semi-fixed controller on the panel
Readout Section
Panel Setup Value CH1, CH2 scale factor (with probe detection)
A/B Sweep scale factor (MAG conversion, * is displayed in MAG mode), X-Y, Sweep UNCAL, DELAY, TIME, B TRIG''D
Cursor Measurement (ΔV1 only in X-Y mode) ΔV1: Voltage display by converting CH1 scale factor
ΔV2: Voltage display by converting CH2 scale factor
ΔT : Time display by converting A Sweep scale factor
Δ1/T: Frequency display by converting Sweep scale factor
Volts/Div or Time/Div UNCAL mode RATIO: Voltage ratio, time ratio display with 5 div. on the CRT as 100%
PHASE: Phase difference display with 5 div. on the CRT as 360°
Resolution/Measurement Error 10 bits/± 4%
Measuring Range
Vertical More than ± 3.6 div. from the center of CRT
Horizontal More than ± 4.6 div. from the center of CRT
Parameter auto setting function Each parameter is measured and displayed for the signal selected as the trigger signal source from CH1 or CH2
Frequency (FRQ) Mode selectable in Cursor mode. Measured with internal counter to be displayed
Frequency Range 2 Hz to 100 MHz
Effective Digits/Accuracy 3 digits/0.01% ± 1 digit
Measurement Sensitivity Same as trigger sensitivity
Period (PER) Mode selectable in Cursor mode. Measured with internal counter to be displayed
Measurement Range 0.5 s to 10 ns
Effective Digits/Accuracy 3 digits/0.01% ±1 digit
Measurement Sensitivity Same as trigger sensitivity
AC Voltage (Vp-p) Mode selectable in Cursor mode. Peak-to-peak voltage is measured and displayed
Measurement Range 0.5 div. to Effective CRT area
Frequency Range 10 Hz to 100 kHz
Effective Digits/Accuracy 3 digits/10 Hz to 40 Hz: ± {8% attenuator setup value (V/div) × 0.04 div}
40 Hz to 100 kHz: ± {3% attenuator setup value (V/div) × 0.04 div}
DC Voltage (DCV) Mode selectable in Cursor more. Average DC voltage is measured and displayed
Sensitivity 0.5 div. to Effective CRT area
Effective Digits/Accuracy 3 digits/± {3% attenuator setup value (V/div) × 0.04 div}
Auto Setup For CH1, CH2, Vertical axis attenuator, Sweep range, Vertical position, Horizontal position are automatically setup
Period 1.5 to 5 periods (H.Variable,: CAL mode, for input signal up to 10 MHz)
Amplitude 2 to 4 div. (1 to 2 div. for 2-channel)
Frequency (Size wave) 50 Hz to 100 MHz
Position Vertical axis: 1 channel ; almost center of CRT, 2 channel ; CH1 approx. 2 div., CH2 approx. -2 div. from the center of CRT Horizontal axis: starts from left edge of CRT scale
Backup Panel setup values are backed up by built-in battery. Battery service life approx. 30,000 hours (with room temperature)
Programable Function
Program capacity Maximum 100 steps (Possible to divide up to 5 groups.)
Power Supply & Others
Power Requirements
Input Voltage AC 100/120/220/230 V (±10% ), 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power Consumption Max. 62W, 76 VA
Insulator Voltage AC 1.5 kV, 1 minute
Insulator Resistance More than 100MW at DC 500 V
(W x H x D)
305 × 150 × 400 mm /(344 × 165 × 459 mm, Maximum dimensions)
Weight Approx. 9.6 kg
Operating Environment
(limited as indoor use)
Overvoltage Category/Altitude/Pollution II / 2000 m / 2
Specification Guaranteed
Temperature & Humidity 10 to 35°C, 85% or less (with no condensation)
Temperature & Humidity 0 to 40°C, 85% or less (with no condensation)/ -20 to 70°C, 85% or less (with no condensation)
Accessories Operation Manual (1)/Adjusting Screwdriver (1)/Power Supply Cable (1)
Probe PC-51 (2)
Applicable Standards
Safety Standard EN61010-1 & A2 (1995)
EMI EN55011 (1991) Class B, FCC 47 CFR, Part 15, Sub-Part B, Class B
Immunity IEC801-2 (1991) 8kVAD, IEC801-3 (1984) 3V/m, IEC801-4 (1998)


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