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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) PD18-10A - Regulated DC Power Supply

Regulated DC Power Supply

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

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Category : Power Supplies

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Kenwood TMI / Texio PD18-10A: The PD-A/AD Series power supplies are DC constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) power supplies with variable output level featuring the use of the phase control method and high reliability. Inheriting the reliability and accuracy of the highly PD series and incorporating a wide variety of protection facilities, the PD-A/AD Series have been designed with emphasis on the ease of operation and the safety in use as research and experiment power supplies or long aging systems power supplies. With 9 combinations of different voltage/current capacity values and the meter indication type and digital indication type models available for each of them, a total of 18 models offer a wide variation which can be selected according to applications. 

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product
  • High Stability, Large Capacity
  • Low Ripple, Low Noise
  • High-Accuracy Voltage and Current Settings
  • Remote Sensing
  • Remote Control
  • Voltage/Current Limiting
  • Parallel Operation
  • Series Operation
  • GP-IB System Compatibility
  • OVP (Over-Voltage Protection)
  • OCP (Over-Current Protection)
  • OHP (Over-Heat Protection)
  • The output is supplied from 3 terminals based on the floating method.

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Regulated DC Power Supply

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