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Three New Products from GW Instek

GW Instek starts off the new year with 3 new products that include a mid-level DSO (GDS-2000E Series), a 51/2 Digit DMM(GDM-8351) and an AC Power Source (APS-7000 Series). 

GDS-2000E Series

The GDS-2000E Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope covers the 70MHz to 200MHz bandwidth with a choice of 2 or 4 channels. It also has the usual 800*480, 16:9 WVGA display and 1GSa/s sampling rate. The GDS-2000E Series comes with an unprecedented price-performance value to set a new bench mark for the mid-level DSO in the market.

 To find out more information on this product click one of the product page below:

 GDM-8351, 5 1/2 Digit DMM

This digital multimeter is an upgrade for the existing GDM-8251A. The GDM-8351 comes with great features such as fast measurement speed of 320 readings per seconds, capacitance measurements, 6 Volt high-power LED measurements, and USB TMC support. It also includes all the features of the GDM-8251A. To make this product even better, it comes at a more competitive price than its predecessor. 

Click Here to see the product information

 APS-7000 Series AC Power Source

This 2 model AC Power Source Series includes a 500VA output (APS-7050) and a 1000VA output (APS-7100) carrying an output frequency range of 45 ~ 500Hz. This series also has the following measurement functions: Vrms, Irms, F, Ipk, W, VA, PF, Ipk hold, CF. The advanced features of simulation mode, sequence mode, program mode and function waveform mode further extend the application range of APS-7000 series to the specification verification of electronic devices and components besides the manufacturing applications. To find out more on this series click on one of the following product page link.