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New Product : Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzers

Fluke has just announced the release of their new 500 Series Battery Analyzers. This handheld battery analyzer should be in any technicians tool box if they deal with batteries on a daily bassis. If you're looking for a battery analyzer for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance testing, than this is the one you're looking for. Let's examine this model a little closer.

The Fluke 500 Series offers a lot more convenience than it seems at first glance. Take the ergonomic factors for instance. Coming in at 1.9lb its fairly easy to carry around and if you do drop it, well it's been tested to endure 1m drops. The test Probes have a good comfortable grip and you can also use the test probe extenders for double stacked cells(included with models BT520 and BT521 only) . 

This instrument communicates very well with surrounding devices. For fast download you can connect it directly to your PC via USB. You can also send your data wirelessly to an IOS application where you can browse or email your results.

The User Experience with this test tool automates and simplifies the technician's process. All measured values are automatically captured during testing and can be reviewed on the instrument before downloading for on the-go analysis. The ergonomic test leads even include a "save" button to reduce test time. The software included allows you to quickly compare trends, analyze results and create reports which you can export to PDF. The IOS application also allows you to export and email your results but the format is in CSV(Comma Separated values) which is usually viewable through a spreadsheet software. Since this model also offers the highest safety rating in the industry, I would say that peace of mind in on the "user experience" list.

Let's not forget the main features of this battery analyzer. Its key measurements are battery resistance, DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, ripple voltage, frequency and battery temperature. 

Check out the product datasheet